Saturday 11 February 2017

Party Space ... is not just walls and floor!

Designing and making Party Decor is important task that needs planning, buying
 and implementing ideas to make the Great Space for the Party.

Transforming your home and house into that special Great Disco Temple is our goal.
You do not need to put the walls down and replace your floors or rmove the ceilings.

Well, minor movements of furnitures and finding some hidden spots to attach hanging
 decor will be necessary - most of the time there are hooks in places,top of colums
or door or window frames, and railings or other structures or furnitures in the house that
 can be used to attach, put or hang pieces of decor relevant to recent Party Theme.

You could spend hundreds or thousands or you can be on a budget - it is your preference!
  There is a lot inexpensive items in local craft stores that might be used with great results.
  Just pay attention next time you visit Michaels or DollarTree - you might just get that
 spark idea for the next celebration!

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