Saturday 11 February 2017

Lasers ... these magic 3D rays!

Yes, not too many parties have Laser Shows with haze and fog.  The projectors tend to be very expensive
 and they require a computer software to run them and of course a computer as well!

Once you invested small fortune and passed the stage of guilt, you can enjoy something so unique
 and spectacular that could be compared only to ... another Laser Show!

Any Laser Show makes sense when haze or fog is used.  And to achieve this goal, some tests have to done:
 especially, your fire response system at your house has to be evaluated if it reacts to the presence of haze and fog.
 If it does, it could be temporarily shut down or adjusted, so your fire and security companies
 know that there is a Laser Show at your place and not the fire hazard.
Surely, someone or most of party participants should be aware about fire prevention
 no matter if fire alarm is disabled or not.

And yes, there are some fantastic Laser Displays that do not require haze of fog.  Come and see yourself!

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