Let's Partey!!!!

A "party," as a common assembly of a few people, may focus on a candle standing in the middle of a table.
  More elaborate celebrations involve a lot of planning and getting ideas,
deciding what to do and actually making things happen.

As we say: "Let us have a party!", immediately comes to mind where would the party happen
 and who might organize and host it.  Fortunately, there is a few of Good Men (and Women)
 who always stand on duty and seldom say "No" to a party.

If we put aside that candle from the middle of a table, we may realize that a modern party
 beside music needs something more, something catchy and special that other parties simply do not have.

Surely, there will be "regulars" who does not contribute towards organization of the party.
Thankfully, there are Special Forces comando, Navy Party Seals, who "make things happen."
  This crew, staff or cast production look after their appearance dressing properly
 for Black-Light fluorescent environment. They will make decorations, assembly lasers,
 fog and haze machines, lights and document what happened during party in still photography
 and video, and might even make some parts of the evening available online.

To make party-comers more attractive, make-up and body painting artists will do their magic
 using fluorescent products.  Beautiful dancers might showcase their latin or exotic skills,
 as well as fashion models will walk the cat-walk or a carpet (not necessarily red!)

Let us get ready to Party - Click on the right side menu to see where you could help!

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