Saturday 11 February 2017

Black-Lights ... are they really black?

Again, how many parties have Black-Lights?  Are they really black lights for real?

No, Black-Lights are not black at all.  It is a special light wave-length not visible for human eye very similar to natural outdoor light we all experience everyday while walking our dog or just getting to a bus or a car.

The difference is that fluorescet tubes that I am using are coated with a special substance to block harmfull Ultra-Violet radiation, if for some reason it would be produced, otherwise, these tubes does not emitt bad UV rays, and excite fluorescent properties in everyday objects that we use in our normal activities.  Yes, most of underware, especially, white bras are perfectly visible!

Besides that, uff, there is plenty of other materials visible in Black-Light and knowing what they are and using them makes the Party Decor so special!

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