Saturday 11 February 2017

Musica ... musica ... Maestro, please!

Music...there is no party without music..we all know that...

It is hardly a party with no music and from the ancient times our ancestors liked to improvise
 using some sticks and home-made drums and danced around a fire pit.

Today, DJ's are using a High-Tech equipment and present music hits from around the Globe with no problem
 as black vinyl records or magnetic tapes were replced by CDs and Internet downloads.

If you want to be our resident or a special guest appearance DJ, step forward and join the Team!

Intelligent Lights

Light organs? Or just lights playing with the sound rhythm.

I love these marvels of electronics and I built them myself from a scratch or got easy to assemble kits.
Three or more channels offer blinking lights that were the first Intelligent Lights I owned back in ...0's.
  That is for many years.

Nowadays, with the advance of electronics and LED, moving heads and other lights
are easily accessible in local stores or online.

If you want to share your knowledge of DMX, wireless or other ways of combining lights to make
 a fantastic display, please, get together and show us what you could do for a party!

Disco Balls

Disco Balls are the classic party decor back from 70's - the Disco Era!

Remember Saturday Night Fever or It Is Friday?  Not that ones last month!
Back in a day, Disco was truly a way of life.  People could not wait till Friday
 to get to some dance floor and show their skills like John and Olivia.

And, oh, yes, these Disco Balls...with their shimmering reflections on ceilings,
 walls and floors.

Yes, we have them used and enjoyed them a lot.

Black-Lights ... are they really black?

Again, how many parties have Black-Lights?  Are they really black lights for real?

No, Black-Lights are not black at all.  It is a special light wave-length not visible for human eye very similar to natural outdoor light we all experience everyday while walking our dog or just getting to a bus or a car.

The difference is that fluorescet tubes that I am using are coated with a special substance to block harmfull Ultra-Violet radiation, if for some reason it would be produced, otherwise, these tubes does not emitt bad UV rays, and excite fluorescent properties in everyday objects that we use in our normal activities.  Yes, most of underware, especially, white bras are perfectly visible!

Besides that, uff, there is plenty of other materials visible in Black-Light and knowing what they are and using them makes the Party Decor so special!

Lasers ... these magic 3D rays!

Yes, not too many parties have Laser Shows with haze and fog.  The projectors tend to be very expensive
 and they require a computer software to run them and of course a computer as well!

Once you invested small fortune and passed the stage of guilt, you can enjoy something so unique
 and spectacular that could be compared only to ... another Laser Show!

Any Laser Show makes sense when haze or fog is used.  And to achieve this goal, some tests have to done:
 especially, your fire response system at your house has to be evaluated if it reacts to the presence of haze and fog.
 If it does, it could be temporarily shut down or adjusted, so your fire and security companies
 know that there is a Laser Show at your place and not the fire hazard.
Surely, someone or most of party participants should be aware about fire prevention
 no matter if fire alarm is disabled or not.

And yes, there are some fantastic Laser Displays that do not require haze of fog.  Come and see yourself!

Party Space ... is not just walls and floor!

Designing and making Party Decor is important task that needs planning, buying
 and implementing ideas to make the Great Space for the Party.

Transforming your home and house into that special Great Disco Temple is our goal.
You do not need to put the walls down and replace your floors or rmove the ceilings.

Well, minor movements of furnitures and finding some hidden spots to attach hanging
 decor will be necessary - most of the time there are hooks in places,top of colums
or door or window frames, and railings or other structures or furnitures in the house that
 can be used to attach, put or hang pieces of decor relevant to recent Party Theme.

You could spend hundreds or thousands or you can be on a budget - it is your preference!
  There is a lot inexpensive items in local craft stores that might be used with great results.
  Just pay attention next time you visit Michaels or DollarTree - you might just get that
 spark idea for the next celebration!

Live Coverage ... are we on?

Party is online!

How fun is to be online?  Especially, if your loved ones or significant others are far away.
Well, how difficutl is to use Skype or Facebook messenger to transmit video or photos?

Not at all.  Somone just has to do it.  And be discreete, tactfull and moderate.

And you know - what happens at our parties ....stays on the Internet for EVER!

(no online clips, haha)


Documenting video live performance is exciting especially in Black-Light and during Laser Show.

Not every day you have a chance to be in one room to experiment with these conditions.
Fluorescent paint or make-up looks very different when observing with your own eyes.
And filming laser beams changing 30 thousands per second is fun too!

Again, video production is very specialized form of art that sometimes needs that special time of the night
 and I will provide you this opportunity - all you have to do is be there and do your best!

Photography - to flash or not to flash?

Still pictures are the backbone of documenting what happened before and during the party.

Yet, I do organize Black-Light and Laser Show spectacles and making flash photography is pointless.
Adding white bright light kills the original purpose of using Black-Lights or laser beams.

The challenge is to make pictures in this dark environment and super quick changing patterns.
Both present very different exposure time: first needs longer times and the second rather short ones.

This is a very challenging task to make sharp pictures with no flash in extreme dark and fast changing subjects.

If you want to master what you already learnt or to try something new like making pictures of a model
 being painted with fluorescent paint in a Black-Light, come and join me!

Make-up and body painting

Make-up artists and body painters play a major role in detailing of the party.

Especially, in my parties, where I prefer dark environment with Black-Light or laser beams,
fluorescent body make-up perfectly exposes our skin, I meant, not only girl's ones, haha.

For that matter, you cannot use a regular stuff, as I might know, haha..  Special ingredients
are necessary.  Yet, not only fluorescent make-up or paints are visible in Black-Light.

There is a variety of products that could be used to make our ladies more attractive!

Models ... are not just pretty faces!

Ach, yes, we love Victoria Secret's models and that cat-walk appearances!

High heels and long....ok, ok, we know what ... hair, of course!

Fashion girls and boys are welcomed additions to our parties and do not be shy
 to expose your ... intelligence and beauty!

If you like to be on the front row and in the centrum of attention, feel comfortable with
 excentric fluorescent make-up and body painting - step forward - send your latest portofolio....

No nonsence, please, just come and have fun!