Motion in Research

Motion in Research .. Research in Motion..
I love improvisation and make my own projects that do exactly what I want 
and does not cost a fortune.  Research an development and actually doing and finishing with 
working model is my goal.

Lately, I found an interest in Arduino projects. I got Uno and Due boards and a lot of other
electronic components and did my first project.  The necessity is a mother of invention and 
this time it led me to make a box that will allow me to remotely control my lights during parties.

And here we go.  After a few days and nights, I have a working model ready for a production!
I used Arduino Uno board and 8 channel relay board and together with InfraRed
receiver that works with my two remote controls.

Programming Arduino Uno is fun and practical.  Sure, there is many ways
of doing this project and I had two version of code working well.  This time I stick for 
easy and elegant code, and perhaps next time I will use timers with for loops 
to achieve the same goal.

Years ago, I did assemble a light organ using a kit and I am going to modify it, so it will
be control by a  remote to do all functions like turn on/off, adjusting signals for all three colors and switch between sound activation and sound signal input from a laptop or cellphone.

Dimming lights is on my agenda and I wiil do some browsing for other ideas.
Also, I will use more my cellphone to work with Arduino boards.

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